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Project and Workflow Management Gravity


Manage your project anytime & anywhere

Gravity is a multi-platform (IBM iWindowsUnixLinux) project- and workflow-management software for any organization or development team that desires easy, fast and high-visibility management of various projects and development processes. Gravity supports process automation and helps to streamline all changes taking place within your organization — regardless of the methodology and terminology you use. What makes Gravity different from other workflow management solutions is the possibility of tailoring workflow according to users’ specific needs, with their own, personalized activities (such as sending an e-mail or managing a calendar, or more complex steps like starting a build on the build-server, enforcing users to enter sign-off information, etc.). Gravity work management is extremely simple to use, and it enables users to manage all activities with only one solution. Get a trial.

Gravity key features

Gravity customer benefits

  • Communication & accountability
  • Analytics/reports/dashboards
  • Paperless & transparency
  • Estimated project delivery
  • Graphical representation​
  • Perpetual/subscription

"As developers of software products for large enterprises, we recognize Gravity as having three significant attractions: an intuitive user experience with simple but powerful drill-down means that it appeals to a wide range of users and their needs; ease of configuration and customization; and its ease of integration with virtually any technology or business process via REST APIs"

Stuart Milligan, Managing Director, ThoughtMakers

What can Gravity do for you?

  • Control workflow.
  • Save time and money. 
  • Manage any workflow and/or project. 
  • Estimate time and budget.
  • Improve team collaboration and communication.
  • Get into a modern and easy way of working.
  • Development support and company productivity.
  • Fast implementation and quick learning curve.