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Remain OpenAPI Studio Benefits and Features

Remain OpenAPI Studio Benefits and Features

Easily create and manage efficient REST APIs, flowing seamlessly through the entire process inside this robust and intuitive fully OpenAPI Specification (OAS 3.0) spec-compliant development environment.

From design to code-generation to testing, your vision and objectives will be backed by a rich visual editor, easy import/export capabilities, built-in documentation for all parts of the specification and more.

Generate your API specs based on OAS (formerly Swagger), and inspect and edit them in a human-readable way. No more wading through JSON or YAML code unless you want to. If you are new to OAS, we encourage you to investigate the value potential for your development (see our overview page here).

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Remain OpenAPI Studio

Remain OpenAPI Studio's thoughtful design lets you jump freely between tabs in the main panel to access what you need when you need it, for fluid progression through all aspects of your REST API creation and management. Quickly navigate to and from: 

  • Defining your API.
  • Server configuration. 
  • Security configuration.
  • Path definitions.
  • Schema definitions, where you can also import/export if needed.
  • Testing.
  • Generating code.

1. Designing Your REST API

The brief slideshow below illustrates Remain API Studio's design features and options. Need to slow the slide progression to catch the details? Simply click one of the arrows to stop the automatic transition, then manually click through the slides at your own pace. To enlarge an image click on the magnifying glass. To return to slideshow, click anywhere on the enlarged image.


The power lies in the ability to visually maintain your API specification in a readable and graphical manner. Remain API Studio is included for free when purchasing the RPG Generator solution.

2. Generating Your API Code

Code Generation

Generate and start coding:

Generate API client libraries and server stubs within the workspace and start coding easily and immediately. Once you've created your REST API, count on Remain API Studio's built-in capability to generate the template for the back-end code required to execute it. We support most program languages, including Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and others.

Rest APIs can now also be generated using a Mustache template. Mustache is a template engine for the creation of dynamic content which gives more control to the users, allowing them to influence how the code is generated.



A unique proposition of Remain API Studio is the generation of RPG Free code that can be used to build a ReST API to be run on the IBMi. Compared to the alternatives on the IBMi the business code is served directly from RPG Free and not routed through Java or other relaying technologies. Also, your IBMi developers, with the skills and know-how of your application and data, can write the REST business logic themselves.

A created API has 2 parts, the generated boilerplate RPG Free code and the business code added to the boilerplate code. This means that the business code can be preserved when the API code is regenerated.




Try out your API

Shorten your development cycle:

No code is complete until it has been tested. Our Studio's test integration capability lets you test your APIs and see immediately if your specs are complete and functioning as required.


Remain API Test

Full-fledged testing capabilities:

HTTP Request Client: with all the input you need and explanatory output UI.Test your whole OpenAPI requests in one go. Or pick just one request or method to test. Save and organize your test cases and test suites in a flexible way.


  • Freee integration with TD/OMS DevOps/ALM solution
  • Visually maintain your API specification in a human-readable way
  • A powerful generator that gives flexibility and control over the generated objects
  • Import and export functions let you extract API specs (selectively, for example, a single field or a whole schema) straight from the source and export them locally
  • Generate an API server framework or client within your workspace and start coding immediately
  • Full test capabilities integrated into the studio, so you can easily test your APIs and see if your API spec is complete
  • Shortened development cycle
  • Fully integrated and automated mock server
  • TheRemain API Studio comes free of charge when buying the RPG Free Generator


Fully integrated:

You can handle requests, callbacks, validate path and incoming parameters and generate a mock response based on the definitions on your OpenAPI document. It's fully automated, so just relax and mock!



Access relevant information easily whenever you need it:

Gain access to helpful insights, information and clarification via the "i" symbol located in the top corner of nearly every tab in the studio. Three areas of help have you covered:

Helpdesk Support is Included


We support you 24/7 using Gravity, our signature workflow tool. Have you encountered a bug? Do you have a question, comment or enhancement request? Sign up to join our customer base.


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