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XREF Advanced Cross-Reference and Impact Analysis for IBM i and Multi-Platform

When you change your database, you want to ensure that all programs that use it are also updated. However, references to the database can be hidden in business reporting tools, database scripts, web apps, mobile apps, and more. If you have ever missed a dependency, you know how harmful this can be on your production environment and your customers’ experience. 

Xref - Multi-platform including IBM i cross-reference engine for impact analysis

Our IT landscape is expanding

Our applications may have always resided on various platforms, but they were not as intertwined as they are today.  Our applications have advanced, and integration between the various systems has evolved.  The need to access objects across systems in many different languages is now an everyday occurrence. Our environments have grown in complexity, and the need to check all ancillary applications can be a tedious task, and objects can be missed. Total oversight for managing these complexities has never been more crucial to your team’s or enterprise’s success.

Advanced cross-referencing engine

Xref, a module of TD/OMS, is an advanced cross-referencing engine for all of your platforms. With a single interface, Xref, accessible in the TD/OMS UI, enables you to search all of your source/object locations to ensure that a dependency is not missed. Xref is designed to protect you and your team from missed objects and dependencies and their costly effects. It provides knowledge across all your platforms and languages, including PHP, Python, Java, RPG and node.js and more.

Utilizing Xref results in increased productivity for multi-platform change-impact analysis, and you won't miss another object susceptible to change across your organization.

Xref IBM i and multi-platform search