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X-Analysis Software Suite

x analysis

X-Analysis is a comprehensive suite that provides everything you need to understand, manage and improve your IBM i applications. It allows you to be more productive, make informed business decisions and automate your modernization process.

The suite provides detailed analysis and interactive diagrams that enable an in-depth understanding of RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E (Synon) applications and data. It is used to document, analyze and describe systems in a simple manner that can then be shared throughout the organization, including nontechnical members. IT professionals can use the suite to extract business rules, audit code quality, perform impact analysis, modernize applications and databases, resize fields and more.

Application Understanding and Analysis Modules

Code & Database Modernization Modules


The process of modernization can be very complex. Despite the implementation of tooling dedicated to application modernization, your data, including old code versions should be stored and all changes made to software should be tracked and reported. Application lifecycle management tooling can help you take full control over your modernization project and deliver the updated application with high quality and without risking data loss or other conversion problems. Deliver on time and within budget while remaining compliant with auditors and other regulation requirements. 

Tooling such as TD/OMS will analyze your programs, register the change and copy the program into the developer's sandbox environment. Storing previous versions of your software is extremely important in case something unforeseen goes wrong, for example when you have to roll back to a previous version of the modernized application. TD/OMS keeps track of all changes, enabling you to inquire on the history of your application for reporting purposes, which also may be required for audit / SOX / ISO / HIPAA compliance.

Unified ALM Workflow solution

TD/OMS and X-Analysis integration

The core of the solution is industry-leading analysis and documentation from X-Analysis provided through Fresche’s open API. Through a sophisticated interface, it combines with Remain Software’s TD/OMS, and benefits from extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor. The result is an ultra-modern industry standard in development and management of IBM i applications.

The combination of the X-Analysis Suite and TD/OMS solutions provide developers with powerful impact analysis and automated code review during promotions to help maintain standards and resolve problems before they reach QA or production. Graphical analysis and documentation provide visual understanding for unfamiliar application areas associated with projects and assigned tasks.